Monday, March 01, 2010


To all of you who continue to find your way to this blog:

While writing this blog, some years ago, I received several inquiries from book editors and agents, as well as many readers, asking me whether I was interested in putting the posts together as a book. At the time, I felt too close to the events themselves and too concerned with my privacy and those close to me to do so. With the passage of time and my own increasing security in my new life, perhaps this has changed. Perhaps I am ready to do this. I still hear from many of you. Many ask to read the old posts, many ask if I am still writing, many tell me their own stories. This dilemma--the married man struggling with his sexuality at midlife--is not disappearing, though gay men are experiencing greater freedom and acceptance. And perhaps I have something useful to say about it.

Well, maybe it is time for me to find out.